Nicole Kidman

The Australian comedian's fundraiser for local fire services battling wildfires has set off a global chain reaction.
The two stars shared an adorable selfie of their happy coincidence.
The actress laughed about sexy and "outrageous" lines in Urban’s song “Gemini."
Twins Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti get to hang out at Nicole Kidman's house and play Jenga with Meryl Streep, so yeah, it's OK to be jealous.
Nicole Kidman has used her time in Hollywood to give back and elevate the voices of women in front of the screen and behind the scenes.
The actor posted 17 shirtless selfies on Instagram the same day the trailer for his new film dropped.
Meryl Streep's character, Mary Louise Wright, is seen trying to get to the bottom of her son's death.
Fans of the Monterey-based series have begun celebrating on Twitter.
It was accidental, but the embarrassed "Bohemian Rhapsody" star tells Jimmy Kimmel it was "very awkward."
We're not sure where Aquaman ends and Jason Momoa begins. Or what's going on with Patrick Wilson's Hair. We just wish there was more cheese.