North West

The reality star showed love to Bobby Naugle for the unique merch and said he "asked for nothing in return."
The tween fashionista also had some harsh words for Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.
The Skims co-founder discussed her 10-year-old's opinions on spending time with her dad, who the child thinks "has it all figured out."
The reality star got ultra candid on the latest episode of “The Kardashians” about how one dress played a role in her getting pregnant with her eldest child.
Kim Kardashian revealed how North’s realistic special effects makeup nearly got them in trouble with "the authorities."
"North is a WHOLE VIBE," a Kardashian family friend commented on the written protest.
The reality star shared the meanest things her kids have ever said to her, and North West had a straight up gem.
The reality star's attempt to encourage social distancing didn't exactly go as planned.
The 6-year-old daughter of the musician and Kim Kardashian West hit the stage, introducing herself as "Northie" and saying, "cool, cute, cool, yeah!
Kim Kardashian said their 6-year-old daughter's makeup issue is causing "a big fight in the household right now."