“It's crazy how many guys get work done,” the *NSYNC star said of the number of men who secretly undergo cosmetic procedures out of the fear of embarrassment.
"I stood outside MTV’s TRL with signs, covered *NSYNC for Teen People magazine, and met 98 Degrees when they signed CDs at a local mall."
The “Cry Me a River” singer shed some light on the song during an appearance with fellow *NSYNC band members on “Hot Ones.”
In this week's Culture Catchall, we're talking an *NSYNC reunion, real-life American horror story and Aubrey Graham’s latest antics.
"Taylor Swift is every millennial reacting to *NSYNC reuniting," one social media user wrote.
“I mean, he really took the majority of all of our stuff,” the former boy band star said.
If the breakup *NSYNC is still tearin’ up your heart, you’ll be happy to happy to see this reunion. This I promise you!
The *NSYNC star said he's always thought of Spears as a "little sister," but didn't know the two really had (distant) family ties until now.
"I can not express how much love I feel right now," wrote the *NSYNC star, who had previously spoken about his desire to become a father.
Supporters of Britney Spears and Janet Jackson offered up replacements for the annual rush of "It's gonna be May" memes.