Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn's attack on fashion blog Go Fug Yourself is a textbook example of the new celebrity cop-out culture.
The blog post "If Only I Had a Dollar For Every Time I've Said, 'Oh My God Olivia Munn'" slammed the actress’ outfit at a charity gala.
“I feel English, British, European, Chinese, Asian. You can embrace all sides of it,”  Chan said at the Apex for Youth Gala on Wednesday.
The actress called out Kevin Tsujihara for fostering a culture that did not take sexual misconduct seriously.
Babies, celebrities like Olivia Munn and even regular grown-ups went to crazy far lengths to look exactly like the characters.
The former teen known as Jane Doe, now 24, is speaking out for the first time since Munn got co-star Steven Wilder Striegel cut from the film.
Munn has been outspoken about the backlash she's received after objecting to a registered sex offender appearing in the film.
Director Shane Black had brought on Steven Wilder Striegel, who was a friend, knowing his background.
The “Will & Grace” star jokingly introduced himself as the “brown-haired, more feminine Ellen.”
"Continuing to pay us less perpetuates a bias that women are inferior."
The actress translated the music mogul’s statement with a "Douchebag Dictionary."
“They aren’t woke; they’re scared,” Munn told the Los Angeles Times.
A video from 2011 shows the Young Turks Network dismissing Olivia Munn’s sexual misconduct accusations against director Brett Ratner as “classless.”