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To Hide To Show is a group exhibition at MAMA, one of the newest contemporary art galleries taking Los Angeles by storm. The exhibition title is derived from the loose English translation of a contemporary French social anthropological study entitled "Montrer / Occulter."
8. Newport Folk Festival What: Everything, mostly indie and alternative When: July 31-August 2, 2015 Where: Happy Valley
With the momentum created via her recital, Ellen is hopeful that her passion will inspire others to take part in spotlighting this music. She shared her thoughts for promoting a more inclusive version of history in music classrooms.
In a neighborhood that's one-part gentrified, another part New York, Kaminski acknowledges his surroundings with a familiarity one would have with home -- an impressive adjustment for a recent transplant from upstate.
Nguyễn is at a sensitive juncture in her life, one that finds her looking to the past for both forgiveness and permission so she can forge a future free from regret. But in doing so she's already claimed a new, divergent path.
Supporters of the campaign are encouraged to download, print and paste the posters throughout Brazil. The eye-catching designs
Cultural exchange goes both ways, and so the kimono traveled -- sold out of shops in London and New York. It became a fixture
These early accomplishments happened despite landmark barriers. Among them was the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, "the nation's
For those interested in submitting their own masterpieces, "The Murray Show" is taking submissions for art. You have until
Ren is concerned with the ways of nature. He's also interested in cutting out human intervention. One of the purposes of
Swiss artists and twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin have revolutionized the potential of the almighty lunch break with
To create his share of the earth art, Ai sent ground-down pottery shards from his notorious Dropping The Vase series. In
For young Latina artists, art is an invaluable tool to archive the past, understand the present and activate change in the
His resulting photographs are surprising and beautiful. The birds have made their homes in the city's telephone wires and
In case you're planning your trip to "Social Pool" already, note that you'll need to bring a gallon of water per person to
The struggle to stay relevant is a serious topic in the pehlwan community. In the words of the legendary kushti guru and
The artist Koshi Kawachi is a master of turning the everyday into the sublime. His latest project converts mountain ranges
Caitlin Cherry's "Mute City, Big Blue, Port Town," features a repurposed large-scale painting serving a rather unorthodox
"Our telescope is a 20" f4.5 Newtonian telescope on a Dobsonian mount," DWOM writes on Kickstarter. "If everything goes well
Rania Matar, "Andrea, Beirut, Lebanon" (from A Girl and Her Room series), 2010, courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery Reem