Open Ended

Is it really April already? The month of showers and trickery is upon us, and what could be a better way to celebrate than
Not just satire but comedy itself begins with mocking. Plato and Aristotle said all laughter was wrong because comedy is inherently cruel (something many people still believe, especially me when I think about Ken Magnuson in 8th grade gym class).
A lot of people describe themselves as nerds these days who really aren't. They're hipsters. But if you have a hard time
That "Do Not Disturb" signs mean nothing to maids. That's why I always put Crime Scene tape across my door. It's the only thing that keeps them out.
Still unsure of how to prank co-workers, friends, and loved ones this April Fool’s Day? Well luckily, YouTube user, Household
Although it was going viral over the weekend, the photo isn't new, as one Redditor pointed out. It was posted to the Minnesota
Feeling completely lost amidst all this March Madness, uh, madness? Fear not! "Jimmy Kimmel Live" has just the primer you
When I started writing situation comedies for television, 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' had just finished its run. It was too late to have a shot to write for the gold standard, but the right time to work with practically everyone who had been associated with the show.
When you’re on the go or rushing to get things done, it can be easy to forget the little things. But it’s often those little
Want to try Comedy? Really? There's other ways to see if your tear ducts work and how your body reacts to pills.
If Famous Websites Were People -- powered by If the Internet were a real life party filled with human versions
Last week, however, Colorado College made national headlines after a video shot by members of the school's ultimate Frisbee club triggered a Federal Aviation Administration investigation. And what was so controversial about the video that it drew the FAA's ire, you ask?
Sometimes people challenge or dare others to do something dangerous or embarrassing. Many times, at the risk of looking like
Pranks can be fun for everyone, but be careful of the ones involving balloons. If one should pop... well, terrible things
Don't take this title the wrong way. I'm not implying that I've just been dumped. That's not the deep dark place this article comes from. HAHA what would give you that impression?!
My husband says to me, "You really should go to the store tomorrow. In case we get snowed-in. They're forecasting the blizzard of the century." "Oh, I don't have to!" I replied enthusiastically, "I went today!" I have never felt more on-top-of things in my life.