Paris Hilton

The heiress shares two young children with her husband, entrepreneur Carter Reum.
The heiress is receiving criticism for not living up to social media’s expectations as a new mom.
The self-proclaimed selfie queen is celebrating the "iconic invention" from the early '00s.
Fox got busted for using a “fake” voice while taking a lie detector test — but got deep while explaining why she uses it.
The reality TV star found herself inundated with "unacceptable" snark after sharing a series of photos showing 8-month-old Phoenix on social media.
The hotel heiress and her family were spotted at a resort days after officials pleaded with tourists to avoid the area to preserve resources for disaster victims.
The former reality TV star said the dog "was more than just a pet; she was family."
In her memoir, the reality star says she only "pretended" to vote for Trump in 2016: “The truth is even worse: I didn’t vote at all.”
Hilton wrote candidly about her decision at 22 to make a point about women needing to “control their reproductive destiny.”