Paris Hilton

In her memoir, the reality star says she only "pretended" to vote for Trump in 2016: “The truth is even worse: I didn’t vote at all.”
Hilton wrote candidly about her decision at 22 to make a point about women needing to “control their reproductive destiny.”
“It scared me and freaked me out,” Hilton said about a 2000 run-in with then-powerful producer. Weinstein was sentenced Thursday in an L.A. rape case.
"No one knew," the heiress revealed in the wake of her baby announcement.
The heiress noted she was also sold on the name’s double meaning.
The reality star heiress shared an unexpected revelation about her personal life.
“I’m being dead f**king serious, I will beat your f**king face in,” Richie tells an uncouth gentleman in a newly viral 2004 clip from “The Simple Life.”
The famed heiress now has an heir of her own.
"I walked in she looked at me and slapped me so hard that I will never forget it," the singer alleged in a recent Instagram post.
The star is offering a “big reward” for the safe return of her beloved pup, Diamond Baby.