Patton Oswalt

John Cornyn's staff slammed the "vulgar" comedian on Twitter after he appeared in a video for a 2020 campaign rival.
Thanks to Oswalt, the campaign had raised more than $13,000 as of Thursday afternoon, well past the original $5,000 goal.
"I've been saying for a long time that the one honorable thing Trump could do would be to put down his cell phone and go peacefully into the dark."
"Thanks for everything, Stan," wrote Ryan Reynolds, the star of Marvel's "Deadpool" movie series.
Even when annihilating an internet troll, the comedian seems to do so without malice.
The comedian recreated a poignant photo from 2016 and tweeted about his life turning "pure gold."
Visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer recalls the context around the greatest Wesley Snipes rumor you've ever heard.
The comedian said friends put together a list of Paris tips for his honeymoon. Then he sent that list to Anthony Bourdain.
"I can't help feeling that somewhere, in her final pages, she left enough clues ... to put California's worst serial killer behind bars," widower Patton Oswalt said.