Paul McCartney

The founding Beatles member said Beyoncé thanked him "for letting her" cover the 1968 song, which was inspired by segregation in the U.S. school system.
“It sort of fits if you look at the lyrics,” admitted the Beatles legend.
The Beatles star's distinctive violin-shaped 1961 electric Höfner is estimated to be worth $12.6 million.
“I was just like, smelling his cologne, and I started like, breathing in the same rhythm as him,” the Golden Globe winner told Jimmy Kimmel.
The British singer, songwriter and guitarist was also a founding member of the Moody Blues.
The song, which John Lennon wrote, features a guitar part George Harrison recorded 30 years ago, Ringo Starr on drums and Paul McCartney on bass, piano and slide guitar.
The legendary musician called Ono’s presence a “disturbance” and explained why he and the rest of The Beatles bottled up their feelings towards her.
The country icon collaborated with surviving members of the Beatles for a powerful performance.