The biennial dedicated to live performance, Performa celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. For the next three weeks, from November 1 - 22, New York performance art spaces, galleries, historical venues and public squares will host a variety of works at the intersection of live performance and visual art.
MutualArt sat down with artist Tamar Ettun to discuss how stillness, movement and collaboration function in her work.
The piece is soundless (with the use of light-waves instead of sound-waves), as light is cast upon an old-time 1955 microphone, leading to an exaggerated, monstrous shadow upon the wall that looks like hollowed ribcage bones, where one can feel the empty rattle of time.
It wasn't until the third group in the living room was activated that the words we wore on our vests came into play and took
Human connection, technology, and art are as intwined for me, as they are for RoseLee. She has delighted, inspired, and educated the masses as both a professor and author of art history.
That's not to say people weren't drawn to "The Dutchman" because of its concept. The play enjoyed a sold-out run, despite
I had the opportunity to sit with Performa 13 artist, Vishal Jugdeo, who created a new video installation where live and pre-recorded footage from French Guiana and Los Angeles, unfolded simultaneously within a constructed theatrical set and viewing environment.
Performa artist Molly Lowe, whose experimental play takes place tonight and tomorrow, imagines a culture where humans have devolved into a tangle of fingers.
I had the opportunity to talk to one of the "artists to watch" at Performa 13, Ryan McNamara. Ryan's MEƎM: A Story Ballet About the Internet is an immersive performance experience that explores Internet Culture.
Jennifer Wen Ma sat down with me to talk about her residency at Performa 13. "It's not a performance in the traditional sense of performance art. It is experiential art." Her residency, which spans eight days, lifts the curtain on what it takes to make an opera.
Essentially, Eddie was applying the formula of minimalist sculpture to performance art. Minimalist sculpture communicates
I closed my eyes during the performance and my viewing plane was illuminated with a pas de deux between warm gem tones.
Oh yes. There is one sculpture [I brought to the museum], called "Disarm Clock," that is a mechanical clock that every half
This thread of phantom occurrences appears throughout Kurant's explorations, which range from cartography to film to politics
This month, New York will once again become the center of the performance art world for twenty-four days of incredible programming, as Performa 13 makes its biennial appearance.
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Mock United Nations meetings, plays enacted in sweaty bath houses, live performances based on the melting of glaciers. It's
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It's not often that visitors to an art exhibition get to break bread or think about high fashion. But they will have the
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