Pew Research Center

A new poll shows plenty of nuance in Americans’ feelings about abortion.
A new study finds that in some metro areas, women younger than 30 are out-earning men.
30% of people who don't follow a particular religion say they feel some connection to God or a higher power, and 19% say religion has some importance to them.
Sixty two percent of Latinos who live in the U.S. say having darker skin hurts their chances of getting ahead while 59% say having light skin helps them.
Trump is still the top choice for most white Christian voters, a new Pew Research Center survey suggests. But there's been a slight dip in support since August.
The term “Latinx” is a hotly contested term in the community. Gender nonbinary and LGBTQ Latinxs say it’s a gender-inclusive and neutral term to refer to individuals and the community.
The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to major changes in how young people are living.
Black and Asian Americans also worry that wearing a mask might make them a target for racism, the Pew Research Center found.
White evangelicals' approval of Trump has slipped slightly, but ultimately, they are sticking with their man, a Pew Research Center survey has found.
Whether it’s asking for strength to face a tough day or courage to demand justice, a study shows many Americans are leaning on this ancient practice.