Pharrell Williams

The green handbag has a Louis Vuitton logo and, according to the bag's creator, is “narrow enough to pass through the eye of a needle."
The singer graced a billboard while holding several Louis Vuitton bags ahead of Pharrell Williams' first show as creative director of the fashion house.
"Pharrell forever changed their lives," said an NAACP official, who is now hoping President Biden will take action on student debt.
For Time magazine, the music mogul wrote about America's past and present with racism: "To live up to America’s ideals, we must trust in a Black vision of the future."
As a co-writer of the wildly controversial song, Williams said he's now "embarrassed" that he was a part of it.
Gaye’s family was also awarded interest on an earlier award that wasn’t immediately paid as well as 50 percent royalties on “Blurred Lines” from now on.
The 78-year-old civil rights legend got a thumbs-up for his now viral moves from Pharrell Williams.
“There was nothing 'happy' about the tragedy inflicted upon our country,” the artist’s lawyers wrote.
These celebrities are using their platforms to speak out about climate change.
Adidas says the collection is inspired by the "magic and beauty" of Holi, a Hindu spiritual festival.