Philip Roth

Bailey faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment from his days as a middle school teacher.
Roth's sex-positive sexism is one of the ways he truly portrayed the American soul.
My relationship with his books careened from fascination to fury, finally landing in a place of deep commitment.
The Morning Email: The author, winner of most major book awards, died in New York from congestive heart failure.
"A massive fraud, the evil sum of his deficiencies, devoid of everything but the hollow ideology of a megalomaniac."
"What else is there to say? As a kid, he taught me if was okay to be weird."
In his 60s, Roth produced several exceptional novels, including “American Pastoral,” “The Human Stain” and “I Married a Communist.”
Where is Philip Roth, now that we need him? How, pray tell, do we escape American fascism this time, now that this is no fantasy?