Philip Seymour Hoffman

The 17-year-old is making his acting debut with one of his late father's favorite directors.
Some notable and Oscar-nominated films join the service.
Three years ago, Americans woke up to the nation's heroin crisis when one of our greatest actors died. The crisis hasn't gone away.
When PBS announced their American Masters documentary on Mike Nichols, I was relieved. Like so many admirers of his work, I grieved when he died in November of 2014.
Ever wonder what your life might have been like if you dropped out of high school? Well, for actor Michael Shannon, it put him on the path to being nominated for an Academy Award by the age of 34.
In Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York (2008), Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a character who is suffering from a number of symptoms, but it soon becomes apparent that the real culprit is existence.
Hoffman and O'Donnell met in 1999 when they were both working on the set of the play "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings," and she
I ran across Anthony Minghella's The Talented Mr. Ripley on HBO last night. It was late and had been a long day. I figured I'd watch a few minutes, wind down, then hit the sack. Of course, I couldn't take my eyes off it for the duration.
Perhaps our 50 state legislatures should look to South Africa's lead and re-examine their state statutes of limitations on rape and sexual assault.