The country superstar told "60 Minutes Australia" she'd consider wearing the same outfit she wore in 1978 for the magazine: "Boobs are still the same!"
"I appeared in the iconic magazine's new equality issue and it was just as empowering as shooting for Playboy four decades ago."
The rapper and the lipstick mogul talked candidly in Playboy about their sexcapades after having daughter Stormi Webster.
Brian Karem's credential was suspended in August after his Rose Garden altercation with former White House aide Sebastian Gorka.
He accused the Trump administration of trying to “stifle the First Amendment" and "inject fealty among the press corps.”
The former White House aide claimed to have been threatened by Brian Karem in the Rose Garden during a heated confrontation.
More than a thousand guns and piles of ammunition were seized in a posh Los Angeles mansion.
The Underwood typewriter was used to write articles for the first issue of Playboy magazine.
In defiance of the Me Too era, Playboy is reopening its iconic and problematic club in New York
"The f**king guy doesn’t even know what’s in the Constitution. He doesn’t have any grasp of history or politics or law or anything."