Political Humor

“A deal is a deal,” said the troll.
Was I so trapped inside my own elite dog-bubble that I couldn’t see this coming?
8. Harriet Tubman 7. Arthur Ashe "What the hell is a public bus?" "Someone who has done a terrific job that is being recognized
I must confess -- I love reality TV. It's like junk food for the brain. When life gets too heavy, you've had a rough day and you just want to tune out, reality TV provides the perfect escape. I was really looking forward to the new show from Donald Trump, but it's just awful.
Donald Trump's lies are already legendary, and as they mount daily, fuel his presidential illegitimacy in ways no others
While I contest that humor is always a useful tool for bringing people together and changing minds, I'd argue that Trump's presidency is particularly ripe for a comedic resistance, for a few specific reasons.
A Republican spokesman said the new form of government was in the nation’s best interests.
For many, Trump could be an evil villain.