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The new series explores family secrets, shady business dealings and the Black elite in a bourgie enclave on Martha’s Vineyard.
The "300" star said he doesn't watch Reynolds' movies, but guess who got the last laugh?
"I wanted to make her acceptable and all of the things I thought she needed to be to be a respectable Black leader," she said.
The actor "was terrorizing the set," the executive said in a tell-all book about the ABC medical drama.
The "Russian Doll" star's latest character "could not give a flying hoot," which she says helped her stay chill around Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.
The actor asked fans to show Spears and fiance Sam Asghari "love" after clarifying her comment on the pop star's engagement post.
Iowa State fans hadn't forgotten the actor's remarks on how little he bathes.
The 30-year-old's twin sister posted on Instagram about the accident and said Prescott would need "rehab for a very long time."
The "Solar Power" singer spoke with Vogue for its October cover story.
The singer tweeted the minute-long look at the four-hour documentary slated to air about her in 2022 and declared in the clip: “This is the truth."