Randy Rainbow

The political spoof singer and the religious-right House speaker bonded over a "conversation" about same-sex hookups.
The political spoof wizard mocked the former president for his four indictments with a "Funny Girl" classic.
The political spoof master went next level on "Donald in the John with Boxes."
The sendup artist turned a show tune into a catchy roast of the House Republicans.
The Jan. 6 hearings and the FBI's recovery of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago demanded a Beatles parody from the Emmy-nominated spoof artist.
The political song parodist borrowed from "West Side Story" to beg the infectious disease expert to "save us."
Maybe the comedian's "Put on a Happy Face" parody can spread laughter and help stop the spread of COVID-19.
The singing YouTube comedy star trashes the "coward" president for going underground during Washington protests against George Floyd's death.
The comedian's twist on "Tradition" put the president on blast for his "Distraction" during the coronavirus pandemic.
The president's dangerous suggestion was parody gold for the YouTube comedian.