Randy Rainbow

"Cheeto Christ Stupid-Czar" is the comedian's take on Trump calling himself the chosen one -- set to the tunes of the "Jesus Christ Superstar" musical.
The Emmy-nominated parodist pans the president's "race-baiting" with a catchy tune.
"Treacherous goons put a gleam in his eye," Rainbow croons in his latest satire.
"He dupes and he deceives, but still his base believes the MAGA mantras he repeats."
The new spoof song ridicules Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Pence and Trump himself.
"Burying tax returns after you file ‘em, tear gassing migrants for seeking asylum."
The first lady's anti-bullying campaign becomes the comedian's latest Trump family takedown.
"Will your sour grapes and secret tapes finally kick his ass at his own game?"
"Doing all he can to satisfy his daddy Vladimir," the song parodist sings in his latest Trump takedown.
Randy Rainbow gives the first daughter the sassy interview America deserves.
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