Reese Witherspoon

The actor and founder of media company Hello Sunshine discussed her approach to personal relationships at the Inbound 2023 conference in Boston.
The "twinning" comments weren't all directed at the "Legally Blonde" star this time.
The actor said shooting the scene "wasn’t a particularly great experience."
“It felt very out of control," the “Morning Show” star said of her divorce from fellow actor Ryan Phillippe in 2006.
News of the split comes days before the couple's 12th wedding anniversary.
A J.Lo thriller and two Tyler Perry films are also trending on the streaming service.
“And my kids were like, ‘Oh, my God, my mom’s so embarrassing,’” she said.
The photos are so uncomfortable that Kutcher said his wife, Mila Kunis, intervened.
“get a room omg!!!” one Twitter user joked about the awkward publicity photos taken at premieres of their upcoming rom-com, in which the two play love interests.
Witherspoon's gaffe was so memorable that De Niro brought it up 10 years later.