Rita Wilson

The actor has four adult children -- Colin, Elizabeth, Chet and Truman.
The actor also paid for some drive-thru customers at the Fontana, California, restaurant just days before Christmas.
Who misses "Dawson's Creek"-era Katie Homes and James Van Der Beek?
His description of when he finds his wife the sexiest is so romantic. 💕
1 diagnosis in 5 is completely wrong. So why don't patients demand another look-see?
Pack found the earnest details utterly hilarious. He wondered what would it be like to actually read select passages to an
With all this in mind, we're asking for your help -- in two different ways -- as we seek to honor grandparents and the way
The actor announced his mother's death just days after his 60th birthday.
Sometimes it takes every fiber of your being to forgive someone.
A child born in the 50s, I seemed caught between two worlds ... the old world post-WWII and the new world that was coming into being, the swinging 60s. My parents were forever stuck with what was.