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The "Black Panther" star died in August after a private battle with colon cancer.
This will be the most unconventional Oscar derby in decades. Maybe that's a good thing.
Donald Trump places 15th in the survey, trailing Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the Dalai Lama and Vladimir Putin.
The mural was painted by Nikkolas Smith, a former Disney imagineer.
Hushed, relaxing ASMR videos are wildly popular on YouTube, but Black creators rarely get featured.
The "Inside The NBA" analyst and former star seized attention with his comments on police reform.
The former first lady said she "watched every episode" of HBO's "Euphoria."
The pair won creative arts Emmys for their roles in Quibi’s “#FreeRayshawn” and "This Is Us."
The actor never took home an Emmy award for her portrayal of Olivia Pope on "Scandal."
"Social justice is not just a literacy, it’s a lifestyle,” the singer said in a new Billboard interview.
Talking to kids about racial justice and police brutality isn't easy. Do it anyway.