Robert De Niro

“How dare they do that, actually?” the “Killers of the Flower Moon” star said on stage at the Gotham Awards before reading the remarks from his phone anyway.
The Oscar-winning actor praised the pair he called "the great duo of my generation."
A jury says Robert De Niro’s company should pay his former personal assistant after finding his production company engaged in gender discrimination and retaliation.
The movie icon may not have come off as a good fella in his testimony at a gender-discrimination trial.
The Hollywood legend’s reported outbursts brought the drama to a civil trial pitting him against ex-staffer Graham Chase Robinson.
De Niro and his former employee have been lobbing accusations back and forth since 2019, but celebrity lawsuits like this rarely end up in front of a jury.
"You could tell De Niro was really hitting him," cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto said.
The director cast both his longtime collaborators in "Killers of the Flower Moon," only for their acting approaches to palpably clash.
The actor delivered an epic takedown of the ex-president and a solution at the “Stop Trump Summit.”
The Sun reported that the actor would revisit his character from the 1976 film in an ad campaign.