Robert Downey Jr

Ty Simpkins surprised even the most die-hard "Avengers" fans with his "Endgame" appearance.
After the spoiler ban lifted for the film, Chris Evans, in particular, went nuts.
In an amusing and surprisingly thoughtful send-off, Marvel says goodbye to a handful of superheroes giving up their torches.
The "Avengers" star also posted a picture showing various Marvel characters celebrating Iron Man's birthday.
"Part of the journey is the end," Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark/Iron Man says to set the foreboding tone in the much-anticipated preview.
The Oscar-winning actress was previously married to Coldplay’s Chris Martin before “consciously uncoupling” in 2014.
The clever parody hilariously summed up their heroic history.
He also said his "Love Actually" co-star, Emma Thompson, is "not remotely sane."
The "Star Wars" actor sat down with GQ to talk acting and "ruffling feathers" in terms of Hollywood diversity.
Here of course we are into psychology rather than "psychohistory." Like Asimov's fake predictive science, the statistical