Robin Wright

Though America has yet to have a woman as president, we've seen roughly 30 fictional female presidents in the Oval Office.
The actor was booted from the Netflix hit last year following accusations of sexual misconduct.
The latest teaser for the sixth and final season shows what it looks like when Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood steps into the presidency.
Robin Wright's Claire Underwood delivers an epic speech at the foot of her husband's gravesite.
The 'House of Cards' actress and her fashion exec beau got married in the French countryside.
Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood is out. Wright's Claire Underwood is in.
"The House of Cards" actress has her say on her disgraced former co-star.
Women and our warmth will not be dictated by people’s bias, discomfort, or moral judgment.
Robin Wright, who once played Princess Buttercup, is now a powerful Amazon general. ✊
“Democracy is so overrated.” Who said it - real life President Donald Trump or “House of Cards” President Frank Underwood?
And why she absolutely deserves to be paid as much as her "House of Cards" co-star.
"The president and I have a simple request: Tell us what you see."
Inspired by women who had banded together and built their own businesses in the Congo, actress Robin Wright created her own pajama line, Pour Les Femmes. Proceeds from the sleepwear line go to help the women in the Congo find some measure of "comfort and security."