Romantic Comedies

The rom-com legend said she found portraying a superstar actor "one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do."
Romantic comedy icon Meg Ryan returns to the big screen as both the director and star of a new love story that is craggy, lifeless and without thought.
"I was leading a double life as an American at school and a Greek in the evenings and on weekends."
Watch her triumphant return in the trailer for “What Happens Later,” due out this fall.
The movie appreciates the beauty and Blackness of South London while challenging the notion of whose love stories make it to the big screen.
“get a room omg!!!” one Twitter user joked about the awkward publicity photos taken at premieres of their upcoming rom-com, in which the two play love interests.
Moore says he and Lopez wanted their new movie to show how a woman "at a different stage in her life than a young blushing bride" would find love.
It's an homage to powerful female main character energy of the '90s — think "Mean Girls" and "13 Going On 30."
In honor of "Mean Girls Day," Netflix gave fans a first look at Lohan and co-star Chord Overstreet in the upcoming holiday rom-com.
The actor drew ire on social media this week after emphasizing that his new comedy "Bros" wasn't "one of a million Netflix shows" in a Variety interview.