Russell Crowe

The Oscar winner says the bizarre incident happened while he was filming 2010's "Robin Hood."
The actor, who starred in the original 2000 hit film, admitted to being fed up with the constant inquiries since he won’t be in the sequel.
“They should be f**king paying me for the amount of questions I get asked about the f**king film that I am not even in,” the actor said.
“I thought the equerry was going to pass out,” the "Gladiator" actor said in a Twitter thread ahead of King Charles III's coronation.
"My Best Friend's Wedding" director P.J. Hogan said Crowe auditioned with "one of the worst table reads" ever — which Crowe tweeted was "pure imagination."
The never-before-seen footage features a LOT of blood.
The actor hit back at a fan who criticized the award-winning period drama "Master and Commander."
The "Unhinged" star talked about always looking unhinged.
The Oscar-winning actor dished to the Maximus about not-so-ancient history on "The Tonight Show."
Twenty years later, are you not still entertained by Ridley Scott's Oscar-winning blockbuster?