Ryan Gosling

Gosling, who appeared in the sketch with blond hair and a "Death Rock" T-shirt — looking much like Beavis — proved to be a cartoonish distraction.
The "Fall Guy" stars proved that they know all too well about Ken and Kitty in a musical monologue.
His rendition of "I'm Just Ken" brought down the house — but it turns out that the "Barbie" star had some reservations about doing it.
When Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux met on the "Tropic Thunder" set in 2007, she "thought he was very sweet," but she also remembers "thinking he was very dark." She said, "At first you think he could be, like, a serial killer."
The couple met while filming "The Place Beyond the Pines" and have two young daughters.
Logan Holladay completed eight and a half cannon rolls, in which a car is propelled into a series of dangerous spins while driving, for the film.
The “Barbie” actor says he was “powering through” to participate in “a historic moment” at the Academy Awards.
The "Barbie" actor said that his daughters also helped prepare him for the Oscars.
The actor said that Scorsese's response to the song — performed by her partner, "Barbie" star Ryan Gosling — was a "major moment."
The "Barbie" actor brought the Kenergy ― and paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe ― with a showstopping rendition of his Academy Award-nominated song.