Ryan Reynolds

The singer, who released her album "Folklore" last month, revealed one inspiration for the album's 14th song while introducing it on the radio.
The actor said he and his wife will "always be deeply and unreservedly sorry for" getting married at Boone Hall, a South Carolina plantation.
Someone had stolen Mara Soriano's stuffed animal, which had a recording of her late mother's voice inside.
Jackman says he's expecting a lot of bitterness and anger from his faux rival over the big news.
“I think this just got me pregnant,” Lively said, prompting the actor's funny reply.
“He leaves the room and he never comes back," the "Deadpool" star told "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon.
The "Bad Education" star outlined a detailed and insulting path to end to their hilarious feud.
Even when putting their rivalry on hold for a good cause, these super rivals find a way to bicker.
The actor recalled how the long-running war with his friend started more than a decade ago.