Ryan Reynolds

It’s hard to blame the father of three — with a fourth on the way — for being tempted by this controversial parenting move.
The “Gossip Girl” star confirmed the news after sparking speculation during a recent red carpet event.
The actor and "Welcome to Wrexham" reality co-star Rob McElhenney let cameras in where the sun don't shine to raise awareness.
“He finally posted a decent picture for her birthday,” one commenter wrote on the post.
“We’re still working through that one,” the "Deadpool" actor said of the outlandish purchase.
The docuseries will chronicle actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as they become real-life Ted Lassos after acquiring the Wrexham soccer club in Wales.
“‘The Vasectomy’ — Lord knows I need one,” Cannon says in the commercial for Reynolds’ gin brand.
Apparently Reynolds pushed the “Jackass” star a little too far.
Ryan Reynolds keeps proving he’s the king of Twitter, this time by trolling his friend, Hugh Jackman.