Ryan Seacrest

Lil Nas X, Cardi B and Nick Jonas are just a few of the lucky ones to have gotten a "heavenly" whiff.
The singer picked up multiple awards before the ceremony even started.
The pop songstress got the ultimate comeuppance, hitting the 2019 Grammys in a stunning red gown after designers refused to dress her for the show.
Last year, the TV host was accused of sexual misconduct then cleared by an E! investigation.
Forecasters say Monday's party will take place amid mild temperatures but possibly rain.
He wishes people wouldn't say he's been "throwing shade" at his former "American Idol" counterpart.
Although he struggled to nab any A-listers on the Oscars red carpet, Seacrest did just fine all things considered. But why, and how?
Taraji P. Henson stole the show on the Oscars red carpet with just one comment to Ryan Seacrest.
The gown was made in the Philippines with an obi sash.
“We shouldn’t have to make those choices of, ‘Do we or don’t we’” agree to be interviewed by him, she said.
After allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Ryan Seacrest, there are calls for the host to drop out of presenting the red carpet coverage at the Oscars. But Kelly Ripa is standing firm with her ‘Live!’ co-host.
The talk show is accused of sexually harassing and assaulting a former stylist.
Will it be business as usual on the Oscars red carpet?
The E! personality has denied the allegations of his former stylist.
Ryan Seacrest has been accused of years-long sexual harassment and assault by a former stylist. E! says there is insufficient evidence to fire him, but some are calling for the host to step down from red carpet coverage at the Oscars.
The TV and radio host has denied the accusations, and an E! News investigation ended in his favor.
"The fact that no one is asking men about #TIMESUP at the #GoldenGlobes is exactly why we have a sexual abuse epidemic."
Last year, the star's performance was widely panned and led her to take a break from social media.