Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen stars in the historical miniseries "The Spy."
He's portraying Eli Cohen, a real-life operative described as Israel's "most prominent spy," in the Netflix series.
The comedian was hoping for a murder confession during his 2018 "Who is America?" interview with the NFL player.
The comedian has finally explained why his undercover interview with Palin never made it into his Showtime series "Who Is America?"
It’s been long rumored that Anderson’s appearance in the film caused the end of her brief marriage to the rocker.
The British comedian received a nomination for his satirical series "Who Is America?"
The comedian armed himself with a bulletproof clipboard for another segment on "Who Is America?"
Sacha Baron Cohen's character celebrated the caging of immigrant children with an unwitting Trump supporter on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
The failed Senate candidate claims the comedian's show "Who Is America?" defamed him.
"Who Is America?" got awkward in a prank interview with the notorious football star, but what did you expect?
The comedian revived his old character to call the president the "Suge Knight of leaderz" ahead of the "Who Is America?" season finale.
"Who Is America?" teaches Dan Roberts a bizarre "defense" technique for protection from terrorist attackers.
He apparently thought "hand job" referred to immigrants doing manual labor.
Sacha Baron Cohen’s tricked disgraced former sheriff Joe Arpaio into saying he’d take a blow job from President Trump.
The disgraced Alabama Senate candidate has also hinted he may launch a lawsuit against Cohen.
The 'Who Is America?' interview with the failed U.S. Senate candidate from Alabama is definitely squirm-worthy.
Pulling down his pants, mocking Asian people, and shouting the n-word on national television was just enough to get this Georgia state representative to resign.
Spencer exposed his bare buttocks and yelled a variety of racial epithets on Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime program.