Sam Smith

"If I was bald I would still own it, too because bald is beautiful," the singer said.
Director Jake Wilson used his collection of vintage toys to pay homage to Smith and Lovato's new dance-pop hit from his Los Angeles apartment.
"Everything I’ve read completely pointed to that," the singer-songwriter said, adding that their sister showed similar symptoms.
The singer told fans to still expect the album sometime later this year.
Lil Nas X, Lilly Singh, Sam Smith and more were powerful reminders of the significance of queer representation in the final year of the decade.
The four-time Grammy winner cited the 1977 classic's legacy as an LGBTQ anthem in explaining their decision to record the song.
Speaking at the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards, the four-time Grammy winner pledged to live "as loudly and queerly as humanly possible."
The gay "American Idol" veteran sees "some parallels" between his journey and that of Smith, who is genderqueer and nonbinary.
The four-time Grammy winner said the move is their next step in living authentically as a genderqueer and nonbinary person.
The singer channeled researcher Brené Brown's mantra and told fans in a Twitter thread: "That mess in your mind is not a mess. It is who you are."
The four-time Grammy winner's latest sees him striking poses amid a troupe of shirtless male dancers and embracing club-friendly beats.
The "Stay With Me" singer opened up in an interview with British GQ about accepting himself as nonbinary.
The "Stay With Me" singer urged fans to "do the bloat dance" along with a video of him dancing in white briefs.
The four-time Grammy winner told Jameela Jamil, "I'm not male or female. I think I float somewhere in between."
The four-time Grammy winner vowed to change his outlook after having "starved myself for weeks" before earlier photo shoots.
The "Too Good At Goodbyes" singer said he's "never had so much fun" shooting a video.
The "Stay with Me" singer teamed up with the DJ for a last-minute song of the summer contender.
The "Stay With Me" singer was deemed "disrespectful and arrogant" in his apparent distaste for the King of Pop's music.
The singer is believed to have split from "13 Reasons Why" star Brandon Flynn.
Meeting the "Mary Poppins" and "Sound of Music" icon was "a dream come true," he gushed.