Samuel L. Jackson

The supposed ban stemmed from Jackson blurting out the uncensored F-word on a "Saturday Night Live" sketch in 2012.
Samuel L. Jackson Drops An F-Bomb On Saturday Night Live (UNCENSORED)
"What the motherf..." his samurai character mutters after a farting explosion.
Cue some funny Jules Winnfield-esque rage from the “Pulp Fiction” star.
"The Joe Rogan Experience" host's explanation didn't sit well with the "Pulp Fiction" star.
The entertainment company alleges that Tarantino’s planned offerings violate the copyrights it holds to the director’s 1994 film.
This moment connecting "The Incredibles" with Marvel is one heli of a coincidence.
The "Pulp Fiction" star called out voter suppression in a new Biden campaign ad.
The cursing king promises to "teach you how to swear in 15 different languages" — if you're all set to vote.
“The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump is dangerous for our country," warned the "Captain Marvel" star.