Sandra Oh

In honor of Sandra Oh's birthday, here's a look at the groundbreaking strides the “Killing Eve” star has made in her career.
Last year, the "Killing Eve" star became the first Asian woman nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.
Best Leading Actress Jodie Comer, who plays assassin Villanelle, apologized for turning on the "waterworks."
Asian collective Gold House released its annual "A100" at the start of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
For Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people, the "Grey's Anatomy" creator sung the actress' praises, comparing Oh to a musical "virtuoso."
“There’s a deep Asianness ... where your body just goes into respect. And then coming up to her, I didn’t know I could bow so low,” the "Killing Eve" star said.
We asked Sandra Oh's and Natasha Lyonne's hairstylists to share their top tips for rocking this trendy style.
The "Killing Eve" star says there's no chance she will go back to the soap.
The "Killing Eve" star said, “Even when they don’t know exactly what I’m doing, they’re proud that I’m doing it.”
For many Asians, Sandra Oh's hosting gig was EVERYTHING.
“I love Americans. You are confident and direct,” the Canadian-born actress says.
This time his clues include teeth whitening stripes and three red-letter Ks.
The "Killing Eve" star is slated to host SNL this week for the first time.
The "Killing Eve" star says she's found the freedom to be herself as she gets older.
The "Killing Eve" star is set to become the third Asian woman to host the show, which has run for over 40 years.
Sandra Oh's Eve Polastri thinks she killed Villanelle. But, "Sometimes, when you love someone, you do crazy things."
The "Killing Eve" star, who dazzled us earlier this month at the Golden Globes, turned heads on the silver carpet Sunday.
People on Twitter loved the moment of "Asian sisterhood" and thought the "Killing Eve" actress was "living her best life."