Sarah Silverman

The comedian had the hosts laughing and ewwing at the same time.
The comedian promoted her "Santa Inc." comedy series and worked in some funny one-liners about the true meaning of the holiday.
"Representation matters," the comedian said, arguing that roles playing Jewish women rarely go to Jews.
The comic is willing to let them have a few public spaces.
The former New York mayor is reportedly facing financial problems amid mounting legal issues.
The comedian reflected on her past approach in a podcast interview: "We’re liberal, so we can say anything. We can say the words that are unsayable."
The comedian's shoutout to followers of right-wing news sources might not hit the mark.
"It really came from a nice place I think," the comedian said of the widely panned, celeb-filled video.
Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Mark Ruffalo and Josh Gad also appear in the stripped-down voting video.
"I didn't fight it," the comedian said in a recent interview.