Artist Tomaz Schlegl's 26-foot Statue of Liberty-style work mocking the president has been destroyed in Slovenia.
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In tears, the Easter Island governor asked for the sacred sculpture, whose name, Hoa Hakananai’a, translates to “lost or stolen friend.”
The actor said a clay piece of his was "destroyed" by his 4-year-old daughter.
The statue, near where the Oscars ceremony will be held this weekend, shows the disgraced executive lolling in a satin robe.
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She's been waiting 500 years to pick that nose.
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"Radical Women" and "We Wanted a Revolution" were among the best shows of the year. But women artists deserve more.
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Museum educators are grappling with the future of art history's problematic faves.
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Titus Kaphar's work for the Princeton & Slavery Project tells a story of buried history.
Black Voices
Princeton is hardly the first college to reckon with the racial injustice that defined its founding, and to seek a kind of rhetorical cleansing.
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The artist behind the work calls the decision "total hypocrisy."
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At 80 years old, the artist is being honored with her first museum retrospective.
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With her work on view at the Museum of Sex, the sculptor grapples with body dysmorphia and fear of femininity.
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The attempted stunt was apparently for a photo.