Sean Penn

“I think we all saw what happened on January 6, and now we’re looking to see if justice comes on the other side of it,” Penn said.
The actor visited the right-wing Fox News host for a chat about the war in Ukraine.
"One billionaire could end this war," tweeted Penn, who was in Ukraine when Russia invaded. It's "worth a think."
The Oscar winner was in the country working on a documentary about the Russian invasion.
The "Westworld" star branded Penn "tragic" and a "jibbering FOOL" after he bemoaned a lack of "masculinity" and "male behavior" in American culture.
The actor’s firm stance comes as COVID-19 cases surge in California due to the delta variant.
"It felt like someone with a machine gun gunning down communities that were most vulnerable," the "Flag Day" actor and director said.
A virtual “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” table read starring Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and more led to LaBeouf shining as the stoner surfer Spicoli.
The Oscar winner dished to Howard Stern about her old flame.
The actor told Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" that he tanked the audition for "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."