Selena Gomez

The actor and singer split with Bieber and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the same year. Now she advocates for mental health.
Footage from the MTV VMAs seems to show how Gomez feels about the controversial musician, who has been accused of assault multiple times.
In the viral clip that's been circulating on social media, Gomez dons a startled look and covers her ears as Rodrigo performs.
“I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself,” the "Single Soon" singer said.
"Selena Swift sounds good," one fan tweeted, in response to a viral pic of the two singers at the MTV Video Music Awards.
The actor's red outfit surely made others green with envy.
The “Boyfriend” singer also shared what it takes to date her.
The “Single Soon” singer admitted there was one “silver lining” to her injury.
Fans are speculating after the singer released the tune “Single Soon” just before the weekend.
The singer declared that she "loved the song so much" that she went to bat for it.