Seth Meyers

“Nothing says ‘divider’ instead of ‘uniter’ more than a former president with a ‘revenge state,'" Meyers said.
The Jan. 6 committee recently revealed behind-the-scenes video Trump shot the day after the U.S. Capitol riot.
"They're all talking about the president of the United States the way exhausted parents talk about a toddler."
"So Trump's plan apparently is to run for president again because he thinks that will protect him from being indicted," the "Late Night" host said.
"Sidney Powell is your attorney when there's nothing else left at the lawyer store."
The "Late Night" host focused on star Jan. 6 hearing witness Cassidy Hutchinson's account of a conversation she had with a White House attorney.
Fox News hosts struggled to spin the latest evidence presented by the House committee investigating the attack.
"They want to celebrate the victory while also gaslighting everyone into thinking nothing has actually been banned."
“How are these hearings supposed to change people’s minds when they can’t even change the minds of people in the hearing?”
"They actually thought they could get away with saying they had the proof, just never having it with them."