Seth Meyers

The "Late Night" host felt compelled to spell out some rules following a news story on the Florida governor's reported "weird eating habits."
"Just a thing that happened. I don't know why everybody's so weird about it," the "Late Night" host quipped.
The "Last Week Tonight" host said he couldn't do what Kimmel did at the 95th Academy Awards ceremony.
It's "only a matter of time," joked the "Late Night" comedian.
A scathing "Late Night" supercut also exposed the hypocrisy of the Fox News personality when it comes to the former president.
“You guys know we can see what you're doing, right?” the “Late Night” anchor asked.
The "Hello Tomorrow!" star said on "Late Night" that his icebreaker at auditions left producers bewildered.
“The first time Trump calls him that to his face, DeSantis is going to spontaneously combust and leave nothing behind but a pair of empty white boots."
The "Late Night" host tore into the former Trump White House official after she brazenly complained about dishonesty.
"That's worse than anything I've ever said about Trump," the "Late Night" host said.