Sex and the City

The actor, who famously feuded with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, thanked her mother for “teaching me to defend myself” and “to control my narrative.”
The show definitely had its highs and lows this season, but in many ways, it kept us entertained.
The "And Just Like That" actor issued a scathing response to a recent profile of them published by The Cut.
The original “Sex and the City” would never!
In the latest episode, almost everyone was having sex — or talking about it — just like they should be on the "Sex and the City" revival.
"Hearing Seema verbalize something I’ve felt so many times was really beautiful," a fan of the show said on social media.
John Corbett, who portrays Carrie’s ex Aidan Shaw, makes an appearance on the “Sex and the City” spinoff.
This week's episode of the Max show featured at least one special callback to the original "SATC" series.
Davis said this dissimilarity with Charlotte brought some stress on certain set days.
The "And Just Like That" character had so much potential.