Sex and the City

The actor died during the filming of the "Sex and the City" spinoff in September 2021.
The actor is reprising his role as Aidan Shaw and was seen reuniting with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker on the HBO series' New York set.
The "Sex and the City" star had fans buzzing over an avian accessory while filming Season 2 of the HBO Max revival series.
A Deadline report has "Sex and the City" fans buzzing about Corbett joining HBO Max's revival series -- for the second time in two years.
The word “abortion” was rarely uttered on screen back in 2001, but writer Jenny Bicks wanted women to feel it was OK.
Showrunner Michael Patrick King confirmed that season 2 of the "Sex and the City" reboot will include interactions with the character ― but not with Cattrall.
The actor also appeared to allude to her controversial exit from the HBO franchise in a speech at Variety's 2022 Power of Women event in New York.
The actor also discussed the "heartbreaking" storyline that made her back out of a third "Sex and the City" movie.
If you recently lost a $4,700 check, Carrie Bradshaw is looking for you.
The “Sex and the City” revival series will return to give viewers more Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and cringe — whether we want it or not.