Sigourney Weaver

The actor said the "inappropriate" interviews for her films "Heartbreakers" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer” would often be "about boobs and body stuff."
Alien Covenant is bringing the bloodthirsty xenomorphs back to the big screen. The stars of the new movie discuss the first time they saw *that* scene in the original and the effect it had on them.
"I know it’s selfish and I’m in denial."
The well-intentioned parable premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.
This is definitely going to be my final report from Philadelphia. I realize I'm almost a week late with it, but it was a busy and sleep-deprived week all around.
Who ya gonna call? In their comprehensive book on biology, The Science of Life, published in 1931, H. G. Wells and Julian
"I got a script that was so amazing and gives the fans everything they are looking for."
A famous actress weaves her way through the Pixar sequel.