'Sleepy Hollow'

For all the hype I had heard about this event, it did not disappoint. It was well-organized, with one path that kept the
In the midst of the seemingly endless barrage of BS we're dealing with in society at large, fandom has always served as a much needed respit for me. Like everything else, it's a microcosm of the larger world so I'm not naive to its problems.
In last week's Scandal, a black character, Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope, killed unpleasant white character Andrew Nichols
My dream has always been to work with talented people in films that made a difference, and it came true.
Your Halloween binge-watching just got better.
If that particular gas is seeping out, it could explain the sleeping sickness. It might also explain the plague’s seeming
In February, I went to Washington D.C. to watch The Washington Ballet's 'Sleepy Hollow' premiere edition at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. I have been a Board Advisor for The Washington Ballet for the last two years and was curious what new thing can ballet do to an iconic literary piece.
With a firm belief in combining work and life for that perfect balance, Lefebure's latest project includes two stunning videos for The Washington Ballet's Sleepy Hollow that debuted last month.
"Not today, Satan. Not today." - @BiancaDelRio1 #BestTVLines2014 #DragRace — sonia saraiya (@soniasaraiya) December 18, 2014