Soulja Boy

"Trump?" he asks Michael Che dismissively. "The dude who got bodied by the popular vote?"
Seeing the profit in social media, the rapper was one of the first to parlay online views into a sustainable career.
Poets at the Brave New Voices festival address issues of racial violence, immigration, social justice, police brutality and women’s rights.
The undisputed king of underground hip-hop is a man by the name of Marcus Hopson, better known as Hopsin. As an independent artist with his label My Funk Volume, Hopsin has been selling out world tours for years, signed successful artists, and amassed a huge following.
"I don't get caught up in the numbers," Soulja Boy insisted during a recent telephone interview. "I just have fun and put out music. That's what got me in the position I'm in now."
7. Lady Gaga strapped herself to a rotisserie, let a girl puke on her and then climbed onto a mechanical bull and let the
Rapper Soulja Boy was arrested Wednesday morning, Jan. 22, after he was found carrying a loaded gun during a traffic stop
Early this morning (Dec. 28), Drake tweeted a soundcloud link to his new freestyle, "We Made It," with the text "New Years
Soulja Boy has a lot in common with Alec Baldwin -- not that he's as talented, but he's definitely as disrespectful on American
You look down at what you decided to wear and realize you didn't even check a mirror before you walked out the door... Take