Star Wars

"I know I want to own a bus," said the winner in the Sith Lord getup.
"Working with Grant was so much fun," former co-host Adam Savage said. "I’ll miss my friend."
Mark Hamill explained that his iconic character was going to show up even sooner.
The Force was not with his "Star Wars" parents, according to Kylo.
"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" just became "The Surprise of Skywalker."
The “Star Wars” actor said he didn’t know if he'd have a career after speaking his mind during a Black Lives Matter protest. Entertainment figures spoke up.
The “Star Wars” actor said he would not apologize for that comment, which followed a tweet paying tribute to George Floyd.
He couldn't even tell his fellow cast members the truth about the film's climax.
This is not the "Star Wars" plot you are looking for, Mark Hamill.
Last year's "The Rise of Skywalker" was his final appearance in the saga.