Star Wars

Ford, a storied environmental activist, condemned politicians who attempted to make climate change a "divisive" issue to protect their own economic interests.
Everyone's favorite green alien — in doll form — has become an unofficial mascot for firefighters across the U.S.
The "Star Wars" actor revved up for the challenge with all the confidence of a Jedi master.
The "Star Wars" actor condemned Jo Malone for replacing him without his consent in an ad Boyega created.
Your "Star Wars" theory was actually true! From a certain point of view.
The actor feels his character was "pushed to the side" in later films, compared to his white co-stars.
The U.S. Postal Service has been struggling under nationwide cuts ordered by Trump's hand-picked postmaster general, Louis DeJoy.
"I know I want to own a bus," said the winner in the Sith Lord getup.
"Working with Grant was so much fun," former co-host Adam Savage said. "I’ll miss my friend."