Stephen King

“Just sayin’,” the horror author tweeted following a recent episode of HBO's hit drama.
A tweet from the Ohio Republican received a number of scathing responses online, with another critic simply writing, "oh shut up."
The horror meister can only envision one advertiser that'll stick with tortured Twitter.
"F**k that, they should pay me," King tweeted after Musk announced verified Twitter users might have to pay $20 per month to keep their blue check marks.
King said working with Straub "was one of the great joys of my creative life."
The author of “Carrie,” “The Shining" and many other favorites, King has willingly placed himself in opposition to Simon & Schuster, his longtime publisher.
Producer Matt Selman teased not one, but two of the special Halloween-themed episodes at Comic-Con.
With the release of the second part to Stephen King’s It in cinemas, we look in the history, enjoyment and terror of clowns. From court jesters to serial killers, children’s party entertainment to nightmarish villains, clowns are definitely not for everyone.
The show’s writers were quick to reassure “Uncle Stevie” on this one.
The internet is in “misery” after the horror legend shared the recipe on Twitter.