Stephen King

The famed author fired back at the Ohio Republican on social media.
The author said he played a version of the 1999 hit so often that his wife told him she'd leave him if he played it "one more time."
The horror author predicted that the film could see a turnaround in critical reception just like "The Shining," which was based on one of his novels.
The author fired back at the Texas lawmaker's attempt to score political points off the border crisis.
The bestselling author urged all Republican lawmakers to stop the distractions and focus on this key issue.
Twitter's owner was mocked as a "billionaire manchild" over his blue check mark move that also targeted actor William Shatner.
The upcoming HBO series will explore how the murderous monster first arrived in the fictitious town of Derry, Maine, sans the beloved actor.
“Just sayin’,” the horror author tweeted following a recent episode of HBO's hit drama.
A tweet from the Ohio Republican received a number of scathing responses online, with another critic simply writing, "oh shut up."
The horror meister can only envision one advertiser that'll stick with tortured Twitter.