Steven Yeun

"Minari" might be winning awards and recognition, but Steven Yeun wants to be considered an actor first and foremost, rather than an Asian American actor.
Virus-spreading zombies on TV were no match for the existential dread caused by the coronavirus, the actor told Conan O'Brien.
The "Walking Dead" alum channeled his own father to portray a striving dad chasing the American dream in Lee Isaac Chung's masterful film.
The movie, which stars Steven Yeun and tells a distinctly American story, is being considered a “foreign language movie” because most of its dialogue is in Korean.
"I remember asking my dad the first English words that I learned ... I said, 'What does "don't cry" mean?'"
"Who says an Asian man is not sexy?” the actor told GQ. “They might not be six foot, blond, blue eyed. But we got our s**t."
“Everybody thinks I play all the Asian people on television. They think I play all of them.”
Guess death isn't so bad for Glenn Rhee after all.