Steven Yeun

The actors received near-universal praise for their performances in the Netflix dramedy, which follows two Angelenos ensnared in a feud over a traffic incident.
The Netflix show has faced backlash since a 2014 clip resurfaced of Choe detailing how he sexually assaulted a woman.
As Ali Wong and Steven Yeun escalate their feud in "Beef," the pair faces explosive consequences.
"Minari" might be winning awards and recognition, but Steven Yeun wants to be considered an actor first and foremost, rather than an Asian American actor.
Virus-spreading zombies on TV were no match for the existential dread caused by the coronavirus, the actor told Conan O'Brien.
The "Walking Dead" alum channeled his own father to portray a striving dad chasing the American dream in Lee Isaac Chung's masterful film.
The movie, which stars Steven Yeun and tells a distinctly American story, is being considered a “foreign language movie” because most of its dialogue is in Korean.
"I remember asking my dad the first English words that I learned ... I said, 'What does "don't cry" mean?'"
"Who says an Asian man is not sexy?” the actor told GQ. “They might not be six foot, blond, blue eyed. But we got our s**t."