Tara Reid

The congresswoman has urged the presumptive Democratic nominee for "true partnership with survivors and advocates."
Richard Komi apologized to "anybody whose feelings may have been hurt" by his tweet dismissing Reade's sexual assault claim against Joe Biden.
Biden has leaned on the absence of a report. The former staffer says that any existing report likely doesn't prove the severity of her claim, anyway.
"I can assure you it did not happen, period, period," Biden said of his former Senate aide's claim he assaulted her in 1993.
Many of the Democrats expressed anger at the choice of voting for a man facing one assault allegation, or Donald Trump, who has faced upward of 60.
Reid denied she was kicked off the flight after a tantrum, and said she "gracefully" left with her dog.
She "complained loudly" about getting the wrong seat, witnesses said.
The franchise stars are gearing up for the fifth installment.