Taylor Swift

"I’m sure people have just been calling me a c**t relentlessly," the frontman of The 1975 said as questions over his seemingly brief romance linger.
The two have apparently ended their rumored relationship after only one month of dating.
The mishap occurred on Swift's third night performing at Soldier Field in Chicago for the Eras Tour.
The singer’s comments sparked mixed reactions from fans, with some applauding her and others labeling her speech as performative.
The 1975 frontman claimed the backlash against him is nothing more than virtue signaling.
On "You're Losing Me," the pop star alludes to a deteriorating relationship and a marriage that never materialized.
Her remix of "Karma" with Bronx rapper Ice Spice reeks of damage control and exploitative PR strategy.
Swift's rumored new boyfriend, Matty Healy, previously laughed along on a podcast at racist jokes about Ice Spice.
“Thank you to Taylor Swift for doing a favor for me,” Nicks said during her concert Monday in Atlanta.
The Ryan-Reynolds look-alike has been stealing hearts on TikTok over his passionate singing.