Taylor Swift

"Drunk Taylor" started trending on Twitter after photos and videos of the pop star celebrating her MTV Video Music Award nominations began circulating.
The Icon Award winner said the World Cup champs were "heroes and icons for standing up."
The "Archer" singer worried she'd be a liability, not an endorsement, had she supported Hillary Clinton.
The 29-year-old “Archer” singer covered the magazine's iconic September issue.
Lawmakers and media personalities remade "You Need To Calm Down" in response to a rise in homophobia and transphobia in Poland.
The movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway smash stars James Corden and Taylor Swift as fancy-footed felines.
The pop stars put their feud to bed in June over cookies and cuddles, as per a very specific request from the "Never Really Over" singer.
Swift recently wrote a fiery note after Braun bought her old label and acquired her masters.
The singer's Amazon Prime Day performance was her first public appearance since she called out her former label last month.
“I regret working under your name," wrote the former choreographer and dancer in an Instagram Story earlier this week.
The Panic! at the Disco frontman, who previously collaborated with Swift, called out Braun for acquiring nearly her entire music catalog.
Swift publicly called out Braun in a Tumblr note on Sunday, saying he'd bullied her.
The musician also called out Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West and Justin Bieber in a searing response.
The pop star's pride single "You Need To Calm Down" debuted at the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100.
Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down” music video has people questioning her LGBTQ+ allyship as “ICYMI By HuffPost” takes a closer look at some of the most talked about headlines of the week.
The "Modern Family" star is finding creative ways to incorporate LGBTQ advocacy into his latest work, including bow ties, Broadway and a Taylor Swift video cameo.
Swift's LGBTQ allyship in "You Need to Calm Down" hits a sour note for some critics.
The formerly feuding pop stars made their reunion official with the video for Swift's latest single, "You Need to Calm Down."
The daytime TV host dropped some major hints during an old interview with the pop star -- and no one really realized that the hint had been dropped.