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I am more than happy to declare myself a member.
Nonetheless, Maher's comments were shrugged off by outspoken LGBT rights advocate Dan Savage, who joked that if a gay mafia
Fred Stoller is one funny guy. He wrote the book on character acting (literally -- it's called Maybe We'll Have You Back: The Life of a Perennial TV Guest Star), and now he's returning to his roots as a stand-up comic.
Adam Carolla is a controversial guy. But I'd guess those people who think they know him haven't spent much time listening to The Aceman, whose fans know him as someone who has helped countless teenagers and adults through their troubles.
I am the kind of smug person who never gets sick, which is making the fact that I'm sick right now not only uncomfortable but also baffling. What happened to my superior immune system? My ability to stare down the common cold? My talent for evading influenza?
Getting your dog neutered in Los Angeles costs more than getting your appendix removed in another town, and if I ever have children, I'm going to think twice before getting them fixed.
What is the genesis of the fear? In truth, I'm a lot bigger than these things. And mice -- in a Disney film or even at a pet store -- can be cute. So why the panic?
There was a time when having a nuanced, measured, well-considered take on something, one that didn't fit neatly into a, well, box was appreciated. Those days are gone.
Who are these people longing for a chance to take it all off? It's currently summer in Los Angeles. How many more pieces can be removed before we're just naked?
I'm normally a cautious driver, but suddenly I was doing 90, darting in and out of traffic, honking impatiently at blue hairs and, most troubling, smiling smugly at my fellow sports car driving motorists.
I think people are really getting at when they ask me about my experience is why aren't there more women in these fields. There are a lot, to be sure. Probably more now than ever. But the perception is that comedy and podcasting are still heavily male, and I do have some thoughts about that.
Newsom, who was raised by his mother after his parents divorced, criticized Carolla for simplifying the problem. And that's
Carolla: It's been amazing. no distribution except and we've sold almost 10,000 bottles. We haven't even really
"I like O'Reilly; I like his show and am flattered that he wants me to be a regular contributor to his show. It's not far from my satellite studio where I do the webcast. On Mondays I go in, do about seven or eight minutes of complaining about something and go home."
Now, the comedian is hoping to set the record straight on his behavior, saying the so-called "homophobic" rants are merely
In honor of the June 12th publication of Not Taco Bell Material -- written by Adam Carolla and, as the cover notes, "As Shouted At Mike Lynch," I tweeted my 15,000 followers at @wildaboutmusic for their suggestions for some songs for this man called Ace.
Is Alec Baldwin really going to run for NYC Mayor? He's been dodging the question for months so Adam Carolla took the chance to ask him about those rumors.
In this influencer segment Adam stopped by the studio to tell us about the next thing he's going to conquer... apps.
Certain male grooming habits are put to the test when Dr. Drew asks the ladies in his Lifechangers audience what they prefer.