'The Blacklist'

“We would all achieve so much more if we broke down those negative barriers at an early age.”
But unlike Mr. Solomon, Gathegi notes, Ronald isn't in full control. So he has to keep leading his gang at the same time
In last week's Scandal, a black character, Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope, killed unpleasant white character Andrew Nichols
From CBS's Person of Interest to USA's Mr. Robot, Showtime's upcoming Dark Net and every law enforcement show from NBC's The Blacklist to CBS's Scorpion (above), TV viewers have seen massive data collection hurtling toward us for years
And so it is that the passing of The Good Wife is a loss for CBS in particular and broadcast television in general, and very likely the end of an era. I have to say the end came fast and furious.
The beautiful actress and GRAMMY award winning singer, Dawnn Lewis is just as busy as ever these days.
Ever since I saw James Spader in Pretty in Pink, I loved him. Sure, his character, Steff, was deplorable but there was just something about his character that stood out. Now with the Blacklist, 80s movie buffs like me can't get enough!
On NBC's The Blacklist, you play a younger version of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). What was it like working with her? Did
Do celebrities regret the same things in life that most people do? When I reached out to discover what the famous look back on with regret, I received responses from a very unique group of individuals.