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“Of all Donald Trump’s scandals, supporting white supremacists should have been the easiest to avoid."
Desi Lydic dialed up “cousin Tucker” Carlson and “Aunt Jeanine” Pirro (among others) for the comedy bit.
“Having trouble admitting defeat? Don’t know how to say, ‘I lost'? Then you need Duolingo: Concession Edition."
The "Daily Show" host made it clear it's a "loooong shot."
The "Daily Show" correspondent trolls the Million MAGA March.
"He took one election loss and turned it into a thousand more losses."
The put-down takes on new meaning following the president's election loss.
"The Daily Show" host ripped the president for his latest hustle.
The rock star reflected on how his parenting is influenced by his mother, "The Jeffersons" actor Roxie Roker -- an "elegant, graceful, soulful human being."