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The 21-minute lowlights reel features some of Trump's wildest gaffes.
"The Daily Show" host says the president's constant attacks on immigrants are really about one immigrant in particular.
"The Daily Show" host mocked the conservative network's anchors with a spoof travel agency ad just for them.
"If racial equality was a sport," Ross would be "playing pick-up games," Noah said.
“What ‘other kind of supremacy’ is Trump concerned about?” asked "The Daily Show" host.
"The Daily Show" host said Hannity's proposal "sounds like the bleakest Dr. Seuss book ever."
"The Daily Show" host said Reagan now "officially has a racist asterisk next to his name."
"The Daily Show" riffed on a trillion-dollar lesson that many must learn over a lifetime.
Imagine if Adolf Hitler justified his actions by saying people agreed with him, "The Daily Show" host says.
"A woman’s attractiveness has nothing to do with whether or not they were raped. Nothing at all," said the host of "The Daily Show."
"The Daily Show" host warned against "combining everybody’s suffering into the same bowl” to “make it seem like all injustices have the same weighting."
Trevor Noah's team put together a startling side-by-side comparison.
The "Daily Show" host stayed suspiciously calm while eating hot wings on "Hot Ones."
"The Daily Show" montage is a masterclass in diplomacy.
Trevor Noah's show is sending a birthday invite to the president via ads on his favorite channel.
"Your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity: time," the former host of “The Daily Show” said.
The president wouldn't reveal the deal but "The Daily Show" host offered a hilariously wild guess at what it could be.
"The Daily Show's" traveling "Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter LIbrary" is setting up shop just around the corner from the White House.