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The "Daily Show" correspondent puts Trump supporters on the spot.
Some of the South Carolina senator's old comments are coming back to haunt him.
President Donald Trump, Sen. David Purdue and Fox News host Tucker Carlson have taunted the Democratic vice presidential nominee over her first name.
"The Daily Show" host zeroed in on a Trump Nebraska campaign stop that left supporters stranded outdoors for hours in freezing weather.
The comedian and activist left "The Daily Show" more than five years ago.
The Fox News host sure does use a lot of the same material he used in 2016.
Roy Wood Jr. continued counting down Trump White House controversies on "The Daily Show."
Trump is apparently bored of COVID-19 but he's still talking about Hillary Clinton's emails.
"The Daily Show" montage proves the president "doesn't understand how corners work."
"While most presidents are only known for one big scandal, Donald Trump has truly changed the game," correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said.