The Daily Show

The Comedy Central program gave "a special shoutout to the pundits" who have criticized the quarter-century-old show.
Roy Wood Jr. hilariously portrayed one of the more memorable figures in Summer Games history.
“They’re cleaning up the streets so COVID can spread safely."
"The Daily Show" slammed the Fox News host as an "infamous hypocrite and Trump's pillow talk buddy."
The Fox News personality's worst takes get the game show treatment from "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah."
“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” details the “extreme a**holishness” of Republican governors in its parody ad.
The president's "biggest scandals" this month include using notes during a meeting and whispering.
Roy Wood Jr. examines the latest right-wing scaremongering in his "Unsolved Mysteries" segment.
“You can take away his law license, but you can’t take away the memories."
"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" documented the Kentucky Republican's rise from his free health care champion beginnings to the top of the GOP.